Please Read The Following Information Before Attending Your Appointment.

As we prepare to reopen our doors tomorrow let's talk patch tests..... We have a patch test to check sensitivity and allergic reactions to chemicals, not everyone is allergic but a lot of people are sensitive, some of you may have been fine before but may react now so it's best to be sure. Worst case scenario your treatment could result in a terrible reaction! Also due to Covid there seems to have been more reactions over the last 12 months so with this being said, if you have been vaccinated within the last two weeks prior to your skin test then you may have a false positive result. If this does happen then we would offer to retest you two weeks from the date of your last patch test. Drop in times are Monday 12th April 9am-10am 6pm-7pm Wednesday 14th April 6pm-7pm. We will announce more times for the following week at a later date. For this to go ahead with out any hiccups and to ensure we follow guidelines we ask that you do the following: 🌿 Arrive outside the salon wearing a mask and wait for a stylist to greet you. 🌿 Please remain 2 metres apart whilst outside. 🌿 Only come to these dates if your colour is booked for this week. Future patch test dates will be announced for anyone that has booked a colour service at a later date. Once inside you will not be seated and the test will take place in our reception area, we will ask you to fill out the test form whilst we mix the colour you will be having. To carry out the test we pop a small, controlled amount of the chemical behind your ear or crook of your arm and ask you to wait 48 hours before having your treatment, we ask you to inform us of any redness, itching, swelling etc, this will indicate whether we can safely carry out your treatment or not. Without a patch test, our insurance won't cover us so we won't conduct the treatment. We Look forward to seeing you all again soon 💕

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