A Huge Thank You and Ooooh Lashes Have Landed Too!

Our lovely mad hatter beauty therapist has been qualified in lash extensions for years but she decided to head back to training camp to get all the up to date information on products, applications and techniques!

We put a post on our media pages looking for models and it went absolutely crazy with so many lovely volunteers offering there eyelashes up for her to get some serious practising in! Unfortunately we were unable to accommodate everyone but we were so grateful at the sheer volume of you that were willing to help us out.

There will be more opportunities coming up in the future for models being required in various areas of our industry as we venture further in to the future, so if you want to volunteer then keep an eye on our pages and get in contact when you see the posts.

Finally, i want to say a massive thank you to all of our clients old and new for returning to us after a very rocky 12 months. We are all living in what feels like the twilight zone with not knowing up from down lately but I am so grateful that we have survived as a small business and evolved into a new era with far more appreciation for our work! so from the bottom of my heart...….THANK YOU for keeping my dream alive xxx

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