1. 100% Grey Coverage Discover the exceptional covering power of INFINITI®. DATEM PLUS® Technology protects the colour actives from oxidizing too rapidly during the mix process, leaving significantly more of them available for penetration into the cortex. DATEM PLUS® Technology also suspends these colour actives in much smaller oil droplets in the advanced emulsion cream base and disperses them more evenly, before safely transporting them into the cortex in greater quantity. Once they’ve penetrated every fibre, the colour actives react, locking the colour deep inside the hair. This unique action ensures perfect 100% grey coverage, whilst maintaining the strength and condition of the hair structure.

2. Naturally Derived INFINITI® formulations contain more than 90% naturally derived ingredients, obtained from sustainable and renewable sources.

3. Increased Condition and Shine Conditioning emulsion cream base with Shea Butter and Argan Oil adds protection, suppleness and incredible shine for beautiful, healthier-looking hair. The nourishing formulation also improves colour intensity and luminosity whilst delivering even longer-lasting results.

4. Unlimited Colour Possibilities Create bespoke colour for your clients by blending INFINITI® shades with INFINITI® Intensives Series. If you can imagine it, you can create it.

5. INFINITI® is Fast DATEM PLUS® Technology is unique in the way it allows the use of gentle heat to accelerate the colouring process to just 25 minutes with no damage to hair or scalp. The use of gentle heat is even recommended when using 9% (30vol) and 12% (40vol) AFFINAGE® Créme Developer with the High Lift Series (12). The use of heat will not compromise the result or lasting power of INFINITI®. Do not cover whilst processing.

6. Advanced Anti-Fade Technology One of the main causes of colour fade (or change) is exposure to air and light. Oxygen in the air creates creeping oxidation. Light contains ultraviolet radiation, which can cause fading by ‘bleaching’ the colour out of the hair. INFINITI® combats colour fade in a number of ways. DATEM PLUS® Technology safely transports INFINITI® colour pigments deep into every fibre of the cortex without causing damage to the cuticle layer. The pH level also steadily reduces throughout the process to lock colour in. This safer, deeper and more efficient colour deposit combined with an anti-fade action produces super long-lasting colour results. INFINITI® also contains UV filters which reduce the effects of harmful rays and special buffers to control creeping oxidation.

7. Ultra Low Ammonia INFINITI® makes the impossible, possible. When mixed, INFINITI® contains as little as 0.2% ammonia, combining the higher performance and predictability of ammonia based permanent hair colour with the improved health and condition provided by such low levels of ammonia. Before INFINITI®, such ultra low levels were unheard of in ammonia based permanent hair colours. When mixed, the low ammonia levels of INFINITI® reduce further due to dilution with AFFINAGE® Créme Developer.

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