Pedicures are the cure for EVERYTHING !  That's why they're called Pedi-CURES




Level 1 - The Basic


includes clipping and shaping of the nails plus your cuticles being pushed back.  Perfect for people that can't get to their feet easily.

Level 2 - The Classic


Classic pedicures include a warm foot soak and removal of dead skin followed by clipping, shaping of the nails, your cuticles being pushed back and moisturizer. This option is good for people who are looking for regular foot and toenail maintenance like callus removal without much fuss or pampering.

Level 3 - The Spa


The Spa package includes all of the above but elevates the classic pedicure in many ways. It includes a foot massage and a variety of upgrades. Choose from one of the following:

Exfoliating Scrub

A relaxing and revitalizing part of any great pedicure. Foot scrubs consist of natural exfoliating ingredients, combined with great-smelling essential oils to remove dead skin and calluses

Pedi Peel

A revitalising foot treatment for people whose feet need that little bit of extra TLC. It removes hard, callused skin and adds moisture, so your feet will be ready to hit the town, or just be barefoot round the house.

Paraffin Wax 

A luxurious way to soften and moisturise the skin. Great for healing dry and cracked feet, making them silky and smooth again. Once the wax hardens around your foot, it opens up your pores to release any dirt or toxins, while also removing any dead skin cells. 

Level 4 - The Deluxe


The ultimate in relaxation, this service includes everything the spa package has to offer plus a few extras....... We add aromatherapy oils to the footbath, then move on to a luxurious exfoliating scrub, followed by a hot towel wrap, foot and calf massage and finally a blissful paraffin wax treatment. This is a perfect treat for yourself or a great gift idea for someone you love!  

Extra Add On's....

Gel polish £7.00

Twinkle toes £8.00

Gel removal £5.00


Don't worry, we will be gentle